Explore the wonders of Ubud with Adiwana Bisma. We have put together a number of exciting activities that would suit all needs and preferences, from culturally-rich experiences to thrilling physical activities for the adventure-lover. Honeymooners and couples can look forward to romantic, specially-curated intimate experiences designed to please the two of you.

Take your time to browse through the following activities to see which one you’d like to try first. Feel free to contact our team at for more information and reservations.



Try your hand at one of the sacred daily rituals of the Balinese people – the making of the Canang Sari. In the Kawi language, Canang Sari means beautiful purpose, and is the simplest form of household offering that is used daily in homes, offices, street corners and shop fronts to appease the spirits and thank the Gods.

On a woven mat, your host will guide you through the array of ingredients including palm leaves, colourful flowers, pandan leaves and wooden picks. Create your own square or circular design and fill them up with red, white, yellow and blue or purple flowers – each one a symbol of a Hindu God.

Complete your creation by placing Balinese coins or paper money at the top. This is a wonderful experience that will give you a deeper insight and understanding into the symbolism and beliefs of one of Bali’s most common cultural icons.

-Great for all ages
-Reservations required
-A complimentary experience
-Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour

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Yoga is available every Wednesday and Saturday at our rooftop venue. Practice your asanas next to the shimmering waters of our infinity pool while taking in the gorgeous views of the jungle beyond. Sessions are led by an experienced and qualified, accredited yoga instructor and end with a calming meditation session. Open to all ages and levels, from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Private sessions are also available for a small fee. Please contact our team at for inquiries.

Starts at 7am, every Wednesday and Saturday.

Great for all ages
-Reservation required
-A complimentary experience
-Duration: 45 minutes – 1 hour

Candle Light Romantic Diner

Romantic dinner by the pool

Get ready for the most romantic night of your life. A candlelight dinner for two at Adiwana Bisma will bring you and your loved one to our remarkable rooftop venue for a spectacular dining experience under a vast canopy of stars. Right next to our infinity pool in your own private pavilion, you can wine, dine and steal your partner’s heart in the flickering candlelight. There will be fresh flowers and splendid decorations, and delicious, freshly prepared dishes accompanied by wine or your favourite drinks to suit the occasion. Choose from two menus featuring four courses each. Do let us know in advance of any dietary restrictions and preferences.

-Great lovers and honeymooners
-Advanced reservation required
-Special menu available
Price at IDR 1,900,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per couple


Intimate Dinner

Enjoy a stunning intimate dinner for two in the privacy of your bedroom. Surprise your loved one with a sensational set-up on your private balcony with flower petals, candlelight, and a romantic table for two. Unique plates and silverware will add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a romantic and dreamy ambiance. Choose from two menus featuring four courses each. Do let us know in advance of any dietary restrictions and preferences.

-Great for couples
-Advanced reservation required
-Special menu available
-Price at IDR 1,000,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per couple



Create your very own, authentic Balinese dishes with our Head Chef. The cooking class is held on the rooftop with views of the pool and the jungle beyond. Put on your Chef’s hat and apron and let your creative side take over! The menu features four delicious dishes from age-old recipes handed down from generation to generation including sate lilit or chicken satay; lawar kacang panjang or Balinese green bean salad;  a traditional Balinese sweet for dessert and the much-loved Sambal Matah, with freshly picked herbs, spices, vegetables, poultry and fish. Learn how to pound, slice, grate and shape each dish before cooking them with your own two hands. At the end of your class, you can enjoy the result with a delicious meal overlooking the pool in the island breeze. Don’t forget to take home your Chef’s hat and certificate!

-Great for couples
-Advanced reservation required
-Duration: Approximately 2 hours
-Price at IDR 550,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per person


Floating breakfast

What better to start the day than to indulge in a floating breakfast at our rooftop infinity pool? Watch the sun rising above the treetops as you sip delicious, warm and aromatic coffee or tea in the cool of the pool and under the open sky. Our Floating Breakfast is served on an Adiwana-shaped tray, filled with freshly-prepared pastries, eggs, fruits and juice. This is a wonderful bucket-list experience while you’re here in paradise, so be sure to try it at least once! Do let us know if you have any dietary restrictions; our Chef will be more than happy to accommodate.

-Great for couples
-Advanced reservation required
-Special menu available
-Price at IDR 500,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per couple


Breakfast by The Rice Field

The perfect day in paradise begins with a sumptuous breakfast overlooking Adiwana Bisma’s very own private and productive rice field. Nestle into a cozy blanket with your loved one and tuck into a wide array of freshly-prepared breakfast favourites. Relax in the breeze and under the warm Bali sky while watching the farmers hard at work harvesting or planting. In between seasons, you can view the ducks frolicking in the shallow water just centimeters away from your breakfast blanket. When the paddy is ripe, watch the golden stalks waving in the breeze as little brown birds hop from stalk to stalk.

-Great for couples
-Reservation required
-Special menu available
Price at IDR 650,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per couple



Get even closer to your loved one in the privacy of your own bedroom. Our Intimate Bathtub Experience is a magnificent, one-of-a-kind indulgent experience that lets you explore your love for one another. Soak all your worries and stresses away in a warm and fragrant bath filled with fresh tropical flowers arranged in a beautiful and intricate design. Relax in each other’s arms, sip champagne and nibble on traditional Balinese sweets and fruits as you share one of the most intimate moments together. It’s a royal treatment like no other, one that will stay in your hearts and minds forever.

-Great for couples
-Advanced reservation required
Price at IDR 550,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per couple


Ubud Rice Field Trekking

Great for the active traveller, this early morning activity takes you to an iconic Ubud venue; the Campuhan Ridgewalk is a 9km nature trek that leads you down a verdant path along a high, narrow ridge and back. Along the way, you’ll enjoy astounding views of the hill’s sloping sides, fresh air and an easy, relaxing walk. It’s a great option for a quiet and relaxing morning with your loved one amidst Ubud’s lush greenery. At the entrance to the Campuhan Ridge Walk, you’ll cross a mini bridge that takes you over the sacred Oos River to an ancient Balinese temple that guards the rushing waters. It’s a fantastic spot for photographs. Bird lovers will also find plenty of opportunities to spot some endemic birds on this walk.

-Great for the whole family
-Reservation required
-Duration: Approximately 2 hours
-Free 30-minute Foot Reflexology,
free pick-up/drop-off, guide and mineral water
Price at IDR 400,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per person


Ubud Cycling

What better way to see the Ubud countryside than with a cycling tour? An exhilarating experience where you can ride through rice fields, bamboo forests, and coffee plantations, explore villages, meet the local people, and visit ancient temples. A great activity that would test your fitness levels! You’ll be accompanied by an English-speaking local guide who will provide insights into all the places that you’ll visit. Duration may vary depending on packages, from 2-hour to half-day tours and full-day tours depending on your preferences.

-Great for active travellers
-Reservation required
-Duration: Approximately 2 hours
-Free 30-minute Foot Reflexology, free pick-up/drop-off,
guide and mineral water
-Price at IDR 450,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per person


Water Purification Ceremony

An authentic Balinese cleansing ceremony that will take you on a spiritual journey to one of the holiest sites in Ubud. The Water Purification Ceremony is a sacred ritual that would involve bathing in holy water from a natural underground spring. According to ancient Balinese beliefs, this will neutralize the mind, body and spirit of any negative energies while enhancing wellness and healing.

Your experience begins with the preparation of the Canang Sari, made by hand using palm leaves and colourful fresh flowers. This will be used as offerings while you’re at the holy springs. Once this is completed, a private car will take you to either Pingit Sebatu or Tirta Empul Tampaksiring – holy purification sites set in stunning natural jungle settings.

Our activities attendant will guide you through the purification ritual. A ceremonial sarong and incense sticks will be provided. Please bear in mind that you’ll need to climb down a set of very steep steps to get down to the springs. Menstruating women are also not allowed to enter the holy site.

-Great for individuals and solo travellers
-Bring cash if you’d like to purchase souvenirs and local foods
-Duration: Approximately 2.5 hours depending on traffic
Price at IDR 500,000 subject to 21 % service and tax per person, inclusive of Canang Sari, ceremonial sarong, pick-up/drop-off, guide, and mineral water.