Simplest ways to Make Your Honeymoon in Bali More Exciting

Your “big day” is all about your family and friends, but the honeymoon is all about the two of you. A honeymoon is vital to be held, it is a time for you and your loved one to relax and unwind after the stress and excitement of planning and executing a wedding. It is a celebration of the two of you embarking on a new adventure together.

Many couples dream of having a honeymoon in Bali. It’s not surprising as the honeymoon is one of the special occasions in a lifetime, therefore, people want to give their best and Bali is just a perfect destination. They attempt to think of ways to make it enjoyable, romantic, impressive, and, of course, unforgettable. Indeed, the activities on your honeymoon day are determined by your honeymoon style.

Is it a romantic honeymoon or an adventure honeymoon? Whatever it is, make it simple as you are already tired of your big day, but keep it unique and memorable at the same time. Here are some ideas of activities that you can do during your honeymoon in Bali. It’s simple yet so unforgettable.

Candle Light Dinner

Candlelight dinners are a must-do regardless of your honeymoon style. Sit down in front of your lover and enjoy the food while discussing your future. Having a spectacular venue under a vast canopy of stars right next to the infinity pool. We can provide live music and perform your favorite tunes for you. The entire world appears to be yours!

Sightseeing Around

Another simple thing that you can do to make your post-wedding getaway memorable is sightseeing around the place where you stay. The most straightforward idea is to do a morning walk around your surrounding, among rice fields like Tegallalang rice terrace, or even at Monkey Forest

If you love discovering secret waterfalls, Tegenungan Waterfall, Tukad Cepung, and others await you. If studying culture is something that interests you, head to Traditional Ubud Market, Hindu temples, or watch traditional dances to make your day and your honeymoon stay in Bali more memorable. 

Experience A Couple Treatment

One of the reasons why people need to go on a honeymoon is to rest and unwind after months of planning their wedding. That is why going to a spa as a couple is a must. While on your honeymoon in Bali, you may enjoy our Bisma therapeutic massage with a flower bath at Tejas Spa Bisma.

Cooking Traditional Dishes

Coming to a new place means creating new experiences. Don’t pass up the chance you have to taste the local foods. As long as you have the opportunity, don’t just eat it, but try to cook it with your partner. Find people who can help you to practice cooking the local dish or find an activity package like Balinese Cooking Class at Adiwana Bisma.

The cooking class is held on the rooftop with views of the pool and the jungle beyond. Put on your Chef’s hat and apron and let your creative side take over! The menu includes four delectable dishes made from age-old recipes passed down from generation to generation, such as sate lilit or chicken satay, lawar kacang panjang or Balinese green bean salad, a traditional Balinese sweet for dessert, and the much-loved Sambal Matah, made with freshly picked herbs, spices, vegetables, poultry, and fish.

Learn how to pound, slice, grate and shape each dish before cooking them with your own two hands. At the end of your class, you can enjoy the result with a delicious meal overlooking the pool in the island breeze. Don’t forget to take home your Chef’s hat and certificate