Inspired by the holistic teachings of Ayurveda, Wellground by Adiwana Resort Jembawan offers personalized wellness retreat programs tailored to address any specific health concerns and personal goals you may have.  This timeless concept is the foundation used to determine and design the treatments for each individual in need.

Being a healing sanctuary for personal renewal that focuses on body, mind, and spirit rejuvenation, programs available at Wellground include a comprehensive package. Inclusions consist of an introductory wellness consultation, comforting stay, daily 3-time nutrition-packed meals, selected spa treatments, and additional activities based on the guests’ individual needs such as morning yoga, meditation, muay thai classes, excursion, and many more. Not only that, guests will also have the opportunity to experience the Balinese purification ritual and be deeply immersed in Bali’s cultural heritage.

Explore more of our available retreat programs and have a wellness consultation with us to help curate for you the right wellness retreat catered to your needs:

Stress Relief – Designed for you who wish to unwind and immerse in peace

Detoxification – Designed for you who wish to find your most healthiest & energized self

Slimming Designed for you who wish to have a weight balance and wellbeing transformation

Relaxation – Designed for you who wish to have some time off to refresh with relaxing treatments.

For more information, reach us out through +6281236324487 via WhatsApp or  [email protected].