Savor Nature’s Flavors at Pistachio Restaurant

Experiencing the flavors of nature in a rustic Balinese setting amidst the lush rice paddies of Ubud may seem a little out of reach, but not if you head to Pistachio Restaurant at Adiwana Bisma in Ubud. This beautiful, modern, yet elegant and distinctly Balinese restaurant is an inviting oasis serving all your favorite Australian brunch, Western, and Asian fusion dishes, perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The restaurant occupies its own pavilion, situated away from the hotel and the main road. It is easily accessible via a leisurely walk through the uniquely eclectic and tranquil Bisma Road, away from the hordes of tourists and traffic. Designed in the classic semi-open Balinese style, with open interiors overlooking a productive rice field, guests can sit beneath the high alang-alang ceilings surrounded by intricate Balinese artwork. They can relax in the breeze with a plate of smashed avocado and watch the ducks peck and paddle or observe the farmers as they plant and harvest.

Australian brunches are incredibly popular here in Ubud, but few establishments execute it quite like Pistachio Restaurant. The restaurant takes pride in crafting delicious food and drinks from scratch, utilizing the island’s rich and natural trove of local produce, herbs, spices, and fresh ingredients. The secret lies in its preparation, with marinades, sauces, and mixtures all made from scratch to create one-of-a-kind flavors that entice and delight. Nothing is pre-packed; even the sambal here is lovingly made from scratch! The team at Pistachio works diligently to ensure a truly five-star dining experience, offering excellent food and drinks alongside friendly service at affordable prices.

In addition to the all-day brunch, Pistachio also serves Western and Asian Fusion selections. Ask the friendly waiter or waitress for the Australian Brunch Menu where you can choose from irresistible starters like Coconut Prawn and Vietnamese Spring Roll. Or skip ahead to the Salads and Bowls with selections like Asian Prawn & Pomelo Salad, or the Tempe Quinoa Bowl. Those who prefer a savory brunch will enjoy the Smashed Avocado and Salmon on Toast, or the Ultimate Steak Sandwich on homemade sourdough. 

The menu continues with pizzas, soups, burgers and sandwiches, local flavour selections and main courses like the Steak Fritters or the Pan-Fried Salmon with Pistachio Salsa – with so much to choose from, anyone could spend all day in the stylish and relaxing interiors of Pistachio Restaurant. 

Keep hydrated and boost energy levels with a range of delicious and refreshing drinks, from single origin, freshly brewed coffee with milk or plant milk (try the Coconut Cappuccino that comes with coconut flakes!) to intriguing blends of tea that combine herbs, fruits and natural superfoods like honey for an amazing pick-me-up. There are also ice slushies, healthy boosters and smoothies made from the juiciest tropical fruits and berries.

At night, the restaurant hosts toe-tapping live music perfect for sundowns with some cocktails and mocktails and some pre-dinner entertainment. There are live bands on Mondays from 7 to 10 PM, live acoustic sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays. 

Good food awaits after a long day out; dinner at Pistachio is the perfect ending to the day before a great night’s sleep. Browse the menu for Australian favorites or try Balinese-inspired dishes like the Bisma Crispy Duck or Beef Rendang. Enjoy your meal with wine from Europe and Asia. Save room for dessert – there are freshly baked cakes and sweets on the menu or take a look at the restaurant’s impressive glass display and pick what appeals to you the most, or go for the ever-satisfying gelato and sorbetto selection. 

Dine with us at Pistachio Restaurant and experience a truly unique Australian Brunch in Ubud with flavors and textures that will exceed your expectations. Visit us from 7 AM to 11 PM daily, or explore our website and Instagram account for more information. We can’t wait to welcome you.