Sprawling along the exotic Natuna geopark, Adiwana Jelita Sejuba Natuna introduces its unspoiled dining experiences, Napoleon Restaurant and Ombak Bar, island’s culinary destinations for those epicureans.

Ombak Bar offers world class aperitif, healthy drinks, and healing teas that bring comfort and luxury to your day. Taste on our crafted Adiwana cocktail whilst taking in panoramic views of the sea horizon, the sound of the breeze will remind you of your tropical location.

Dip in the calming coast of Sejuba whilst relishing the delectable of Western meets traditional Indonesian flavours by Napoleon Restaurant. Inspired by the adorable Napoleon fish that swims all seasons around in Natuna Sea, Napoleon boasts on the tropical contemporary design floated above the sea, as the coolest dining spots for everyone that looking for a great gastronomy and atmosphere. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a fun summer holiday with us!