Someone are drawn to Adiwana Monkey Forest for different reasons. Some seek a retreat that takes them off the grid, while others desire to connect with a culture whose traditions live on in moderns times.

floating breakfast


Start your day with an unforgettable breakfast served on a floating tray in our beautiful infinity pool with beautiful setting of the tropical jungle.

Prices : IDR 150,000++ for floating tray and service (reserve one day in advance)

heavenly high tea


Experience 14 Sweet and Savory High Tea. A wide piece of sweet and savory with tea and coffee to accompany your sweet day.  Come with your friend, family or couple and enjoy new experience of local taste.

Prices    : IDR 125,000++/couple (reserve one day in advance)

Ubud Morning Walk

Ubud Morning Walk

Begin your day on a positive note with a morning walk through the enchanting streets of Ubud, accompanied by our knowledgeable staff. As the sun peeks over the horizon, illuminating the scenic beauty of the Ubud oasis, allow yourself to be swept away by the delights of the morning.

Every Sunday (6:30 am – 8:30 am)

Balinese Dance Lesson

Balinese Dance Lesson

Step into the world of Balinese dance and unleash your inner dancer. Learn the intricate hand gestures, elegant footwork, and expressive facial expressions that bring these time-honored dance forms to life. Beyond the physical movements, Balinese dance offers a window into the cultural identity and traditions of Bali.

Every Monday and Thursday (2 pm – 3 pm)

Traditional Dessert Cooking Demo

Traditional Dessert Cooking Demo

Our cooking demonstration is designed to cater both aspiring cooks and seasoned food enthusiasts. Join us for a fun culinary experience as our talented chef guides you through the step-by-step process of crafting a delectable traditional dessert, starting from scratch.

Every Wednesday and Saturday (3 pm – 4 pm)

Making Offering


Immerse in the way of Balinese life and learn the process of making small offering called Canang Sari. This offering symbolizes gratitude to the God in praise and prayer, thanking for the peace given to the world. Learn all about the philosophy behind it, what it represents and you’ll find yourself having a new found appreciation towards this small cultural icon.

Every Tuesday and Friday (2 pm – 3 pm)