Adiwana Jeevalokha is a sanctuary where busy souls can unwind from the hustle and bustle of modernity and find their peace of mind. It embraces being a one-of-a-kind tropical haven as lush as its surroundings, where a calming stream flows across the site. To ensure a flawless vacation, every stay will see you with your own Butler, who excels in their ability to anticipate your every need, and to exceed your every expectation.

 From the time you arrive at the airport, up to the point you check-in for your flight home, your Butler will become your helpful tour planner, friendly shopping companion who exudes the warmth and hospitality that Adiwana is renowned for. More than a perfect and an idyllic haven, Adiwana is an experience beyond imagination.





Woke up in the middle of sacred Ubud and feel the vibes of nature, the bird singing and morning sun blessed our life. Yoga to balancing your mind is a perfect start of the day following with natural healthy food that can be served in the restaurant or enjoying floating breakfast at infinity pool. Enrich your stay with Balinese cultural activities or mandala making, to experience a live plant based cooking class also will immerse yourself in local traditions, our butler are available to assist any of your desire.



We offer the opportunity to improve your well-being in an exclusive and motivating atmosphere. Take some time off to lounge in by the pool or swim at the infinity pool. With the jungle front and center, life couldn’t get any better than this.